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The Indigo Synthetic Reactor

Automate your discovery!

Indigo Synthetic Reactor

The Indigo, designed and built by Accelerated Machine Design and Engineering (AMD&E), is a high-performance alternative to a standard microwave reactor that provides additional capacity, more comprehensive temperature ranges, more features, and includes the capability for eight (8) simultaneous, independently controlled reactions.

Designed for performance

Crafted for optimal performance, the Indigo reactor boasts a secure chemical reaction system that offers cutting-edge functionalities to streamline standard chemistries across a wide range of industries.


Built around automation

The Indigo Reactor was designed to revolutionize the field of automated chemistry experiments. It effortlessly handles reactions that demand precise temperature control, pressure regulation, inert atmosphere, or vigorous stirring. Whether you require heated reactions, chilled reactions, or even heated reactions with reflux, the Indigo Reactor's eight (8) channels are fully equipped to handle it all. These channels can be controlled in parallel, independently, or synchronized to perfectly suit your experimental needs. Each channel is currently capable of accommodating two distinct volume MRVs: 2-5mL and 10-20mL. If your reactions call for volumes exceeding 20mL, our experts at AMD&E can provide tailor-made Indigo solutions just for you.


Compact Size, Massive Results

Say goodbye to waiting and eliminate the uncertainty of automated chemistry. With 8 channels of parallel reactions, chemists can now achieve scalable results effortlessly! The cutting-edge automation technology of the Indigo guarantees that results obtained in a small lab setting can be replicated on a larger production scale. 

The Indigo reactor consolidates a multitude of features into a solitary unit and occupies only one-tenth of the laboratory space when compared to eight microwave reactors.


Parallel Synthesis

Experience the power of parallel synthesis, where multiple functions and devices seamlessly come together in one innovative system. Say goodbye to the hassle of vial transfers between equipment and embrace the efficiency of performing multiple functions simultaneously - from heating and reflux to stirring and N2 pressurization. Our cutting-edge technology not only revolutionizes your workflow but also significantly reduces the need for bench space, minimizing the footprint and complexity compared to traditional discrete devices. With the ability to run up to eight discrete, pre-programmed reaction cycles simultaneously, the possibilities are endless. Unleash the full potential of your experiments with our unparalleled parallel synthesis system.

The Indigo Advantage

Packed with advanced capabilities, yet incredibly user-friendly

Start performing reactions in minutes. Scale from exploration to production.

  • Remote monitoring and control of all parameters via standard communications interface
  • Run temperature-controlled reactions with set-points from -30°C to +150°C
  • Run sealed and heated reactions with reflux for zero-loss boiling reactions
  • Automatic vacuum evacuation and nitrogen purge of a reaction vessel
  • Automatic sanitization of reactor lid between reaction cycles to prevent contamination
  • Add reagents to any individual vial at any time during a reaction cycle
  • Thoroughly mix reagents with magnetic bar stirring using standard bars from 200 RPM to 1500 RPM
  • Remove any individual vial at any time during a reaction cycle


5mL and 20mL microwave vials

The features you need to automate chemistry

  • Tool-less removal of reaction chamber liner for containment and cleanup of explosive reactions
  • Allows standardization of chemistries from discovery to production with industry-standard vials. Two MRV sizes (2-5mL and 10-20mL) are accommodated using removable MRV adapters.
  • Independent heating, cooling, and reflux control per lane
  • Independent pressurization and vacuum control
  • Defrost, condensation purge, and waste lift pump (Options)
  • Full-range chemical compatibility

Trusted by Industry Leaders

"The unique set of physical attributes for conducting, controlling and monitoring chemical reactions at the scale and fidelity provided are not available elsewhere in the marketplace. Only Accelerated Machine Design & Engineering can provide this refinement."
Alex Godfrey, Lead Consultant for Chemistry Automation, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.
"The Indigo Reactor provides a practical option for chemistry labs looking to further automate their chemical synthesis with a more compact design, flexibility for different scale reactions, and useful integration options"
Mark Ding, Automation Chemist, Lilly.
"The (GUI) software is professional. Really amazing!."
David Evans, Director of Automation, Lilly Biotechnology Center.

The most intuitive interface on the market

Responsive GUI

Built for a powerful user experience

Responsive GUI


The Indigo seamlessly caters to a diverse range of markets and applications, making it the ideal choice.

Drug Discovery


Food and Beverage


Beauty and Cosmetics

Oil & Gas

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